Hyper-Opera: an online journey across the web.

Hyper-Opera is a newly-composed, contemporary opera presented entirely through an online [web]site - specific performance. It seeks to explore new perceptions of the operatic experience and challenge three core aspects of opera: narrative, space and the audience's engagement. By turning his established type of performance from a real theatre to a virtual one, HO explores new structures of narratives emerging by the combination of feminine narratives, hypertextual structures and virtual spatiality.

The opera revisits the story of The Odyssey this time from the feminine perspective. Various female characters, archetypes from the Odyssey narrative sing against the virtual theatrical setting to complex and surprising effect.

What's more, as part of its exploration, Hyper-Opera investigates the idea of [web]site - specificity. It considers existing websites as contextual containers for its performance and, also, looks at possible ways the selected spaces could inform Hyper-Opera and vice versa. How bits of the opera and bits of the spaces flow into each other. That is why, HO takes place in various existing websites.

The songs have been composed, sung and produced for the purposes of this performance and they comprise the original music of the Hyper-Opera.

Read more about the rationale and the research here.