Art Project
Daydreaming Project

The Daydreaming project is a study on making. With thinking being the overall driving force in my work throughout the years, in this project I decided to base my whole approach on making and allow some space for intuition.

Daydreaming is a concept borrowed from the psychology theory, Prosseswork, where it is widely used to set the person into a state of dreaming while they are awake, in order to understand hidden aspects of themselves. During the course of daydreaming, the person starts off with a name, or a face, or a feeling and from there they depart to a journey of unraveling their non-linear and seemingly irrational thoughts. This process is said to offer to the person an intuitive insight into their selves, that otherwise they would be unable to gain by operating on their usual conscious level. Daydreaming allows for a different level of consciousness and awareness of ourselves.

The Daydreaming project is based on the above principles and it is materialised within the 3D environment blending 3D oddities with digital photography. Most commonly, starting off from a photograph, I set myself in a non-conscious thinking mode and I start making, employing almost solely my intuition. A process quite similar to the automatic writing and ‘the stream of consciousness’, but this time within the digital media contex. 

Daydreaming is an ongoing long-term project, which works as a space for experimentation and testing ideas.